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We are members of the Association of Independent Inventory Clerks (AIIC) and as such follow a strict code of practice.


Inventory Make - the inventory report provides a detailed and accurate record of the contents and condition of the property, including all fixtures, fittings (furniture, appliances etc) as well as garden or outside space, and is set out in a clear, easy to read template including digital photos.

The Check-in - process ensures all new tenants are in agreement with the condition and contents of the property as listed in the inventory report. Meter readings are taken, the keys are handed over and the inventory is signed and agreed by the tenants to prevent disagreements at the end of the tenancy.

The Check-Out - inspection takes place when your tenants move out, compares the original signed inventory against the present condition, and reports any findings. Where possible we like to meet the tenants when doing the check-out as this helps to prevent disagreements when the report is complete. A report is made showing any discrepancies (including photos of any damage) and recommendations are made regarding the responsibility for damage or cleaning while taking into account "fair wear and tear". 

The Mid Term - inspection is carried out to ensure that the tenants are complying with their contractual obligations and their standard of living is not in any way damaging the fabric of the property. Following each inspection, a report is compiled for the landlord, outlining apparent and obvious defects. In our experience, we would recommend that inspections be carried out on a quarterly basis.

Other Services offered by Inventory 360
Relocation Services
– Are you a company that deals with staff relocations?  We can help take the pain out of creating an inventory and the check in and check out process.

Snagging New Build Service
We can provide a detailed and comprehensive snagging service on any new property, for either the new owner or the developer.  Saving time and money for both parties if carried out before purchase completion and whilst the finishing team are still onsite. 



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